AI Out: Manifesting Change in the Entertainment Industry

A center-left 135-day march campaign to boycott AI within the entertainment industry.

Updated July 6, 2023

Campaign Idea

AI Out is a symbolic march to promote the disuse of artificial intelligence within the entertainment industry. The goal is to foster the establishment of human-centered creativity and expression.

Campaign Description

AI Out seeks to address the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. The technology, while being valuable, is thought to be diluting authentic creativity and human ingenuity. We aim to inspire the industry to uphold human creativity as superior and indispensable through a series of marches across the country, protesting against artificial intelligence’s dominance.

The campaign emphases an investment of over $5,000 and spans 135 days. The primary target audience is the entertainment industry— artists, producers, and consumers alike. It’s not a total defiance of technology but rather a call to reevaluate the balance between artificial intelligence and human creativity within the industry.

Theory for Why This Campaign Will Create Change

AI Out is based on the idea that the entertainment industry, at its core, is a reflection of human experiences and emotions. A machine, no matter how advanced, cannot fully replicate or understand these emotions. Thus, by marching and raising our voices against the dominance of AI, we hope to invigorate the entertainment industry and the public about the importance of human creativity.

With the resources and time dedicated, this campaign can make a significant impression. Our march is not just a protest but a statement about resisting an easy route for the sake of maintaining genuineness in art and entertainment. It’s a stand that can influence the evolution of industry practices, shifting them towards more balanced and human-centric approaches.

Press Release Announcing Campaign to Media

AI Out, a remarkable march to preserve human creativity within the entertainment industry from the overwhelming influence of artificial intelligence, has been launched. This 135-day campaign targets artists, producers, and consumers who value the authenticity of human creativity in artistic endeavors. The campaign will commence on July 1st, 2023, and span multiple cities.

AI Out aims not to abolish artificial intelligence but to highlight the importance of maintaining a balance between human ingenuity and machine intervention to foster the establishment of new social norms. We believe that the entertainment industry, a platform that showcases human emotions and experiences, should value and uphold human creativity above all.

While technology admits efficiency and novelty, the over-reliance on artificial intelligence risks compromising the authenticity of art forms. We aim to stimulate the industry to reconsider the balance between artificial intelligence and human creativity. We invite all those who share this belief to join us on this memorable march and make an impact.

This campaign is a beacon to all creatives and lovers of art to reclaim their space from the surging tide of artificial intelligence. We aim to send a message to the entertainment industry that while AI has a role to play, it should not overshadow the irreplaceable value of human creativity.

Join us as we march against the artificial intelligence tide, advocating for a space where technology complements but never replaces human creativity. AI Out is a call to arms for all those who believe in preserving the authenticity of creativity in the entertainment industry.

Flash Fiction from the Perspective of the Founder Describing the Campaign’s Origin

I was sitting at a film festival, watching a movie created entirely by artificial intelligence. As the end credits rolled, applause filled the room. But I felt a strange emptiness. It was devoid of the raw emotion, the human touch that makes art, ‘art’. That’s when AI Out took root in my mind.

The idea was at first a whisper, a questioning about the rapid and unquestioned adoption of artificial intelligence in creating art. I saw the potential danger - the authenticity, the emotion, and the human influence in creative expression were at stake. My fear was seeing an industry I loved morph into something unrecognizable, cold, and artificial.

So, I started to reach out— to artists, producers, consumers— and found that I was not alone. There was a shared concern, a shared desire to resist letting go of the human touch in our art. The idea of a march was proposed. A protest against the overuse of artificial intelligence, a stand for our creativity.

With a small group of volunteers and a budget of over $5,000, we set the plan into action. We called our initiative ‘AI Out’, a call to push out the dominance of artificial intelligence and welcome back the irreplaceable value of human creativity.

Now, as we embark on a 135-day journey, marching through cities, advocating for an industry that cherishes art and creativity, my heart fills with hope. Not against technology, but for the balance and the value of human creativity within that technology—our stand, our protest, our march.

How Will Opponents to this Campaign Try to Stop It

Opponents may argue that AI is not replacing but enhancing human creativity. They may promote the efficiencies and innovations brought about by AI in the entertainment industry and attempt to downplay the campaign’s concerns as resistance to technological advancements.

How Should Activists Respond to Opponent’s Attempts to Stop It

Activists must reinforce that AI Out is not against progress or the use of technology. The campaign advocates for balance, emphasizing that while AI can aid, it should not override human creativity and expression. By sharing personal stories and involving individuals from the industry who support the cause, the campaign can counter the opposition effectively.

What Are The Steps Necessary to Launch the Campaign

  • Define clear objectives and strategies for the campaign.
  • Allocate budget for necessary resources like promotional materials, logistics, and legal permits for marching.
  • Create a team for managing different aspects— promotions, partnerships, logistics, etc.
  • Partner with like-minded artists, industry influencers, and relevant organizations for support.
  • Develop compelling promotional material that communicates the campaign’s objective effectively.
  • Announce the campaign via press releases, social media, and partner networks.
  • Plan the march routes, taking care to secure required permissions and ensure participant safety.
  • Host the marches as planned, ensuring participation, media coverage, and impact.
  • Post-campaign, share updates and outcomes with participants and supporters, maintaining the movement’s momentum for potential future actions.

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