Ava’s Allies: The Movement for AI Accountability

A youth-led campaign to promote AI safety awareness and advocate for responsible AI policies among social media companies.

Updated June 29, 2023

Campaign Idea

Ava’s Allies is a youth-led movement aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of unregulated AI development and promoting responsible AI policies within social media companies. Through creative protests, online campaigns, and collaboration with experts and like-minded organizations, Ava’s Allies seeks to ensure a safe and transparent future for AI.

Campaign Description

Ava’s Allies will consist of young activists who are passionate about the responsible development of AI technologies. They will launch a series of creative protests and online campaigns that highlight the potential risks of AI advancements and educate the public about the need for ethical AI regulations.

By targeting social media companies, the campaign aims to encourage these influential platforms to play an active role in creating a safer AI future. Ava’s Allies will leverage their youthful energy and creativity to engage with the public through a unified message and diverse tactics such as street performances, viral social media challenges, and youth summits.

Theory for Why This Campaign Will Create Change

Ava’s Allies will tap into the zeal, innovation, and resourcefulness of young activists, utilizing their vast digital network and influence to create meaningful discussions around AI safety. The campaign will create a sense of urgency among social media companies to take action and adopt responsible AI policies, ultimately leading to institutional and structural transformations.

Sample Viral Social Media Post from the Campaign

“Join Ava’s Allies as we fight for a safe and transparent AI future! 🤖✊ Share your clever AI safety slogans with the hashtag #AvasAllies and let’s make our voices heard! Don’t forget to tag your favorite social media platforms to inspire change! #ResponsibleAI #YouthForAI”

Sample Press Release Announcing Campaign to Media


Youth-Led Movement “Ava’s Allies” Launches to Advocate for AI Accountability Among Social Media Companies

[CITY], [DATE] – Ava’s Allies, a youth-led movement, announced today its launch to raise awareness about the potential risks of unregulated artificial intelligence (AI) and promote responsible AI policies within social media companies. The group comprises passionate young activists concerned about the future of AI development and its impact on society.

Ava’s Allies aims to educate the public through creative protests, online campaigns, and collaboration with experts and organizations focused on AI safety. By targeting social media companies, the movement seeks to encourage influential platforms to play an active role in fostering a safer AI future.

“Ava’s Allies envisions a world where AI development is guided by ethical principles and respect for human rights,” said [SPOKESPERSON NAME], a core member of Ava’s Allies. “We believe that the power of youth, combined with the reach of social media platforms, can transform the conversation around AI safety and lead to meaningful change.”

For more information about Ava’s Allies and its mission for responsible AI development, please visit [WEBSITE].


Story Written in the First Person Perspective

I remember the day that our movement, Ava’s Allies, began. We were a group of concerned young activists, brought together by our shared fears about the potential risks of AI advancements. As we discussed the increasing influence of AI on our lives, we realized that we couldn’t sit idly by and watch as our future became uncertain.

We decided to focus our efforts on social media companies, as they hold enormous power over the digital landscape. We believed that their commitment to responsible AI policies could lead the way for other tech companies to follow suit.

Ava’s Allies soon gained momentum, and our messages spread across social media, reaching millions. Our protests, online campaigns, and youth summits captured the attention of social media giants, who began to take note of our cause. After months of persistence, we finally succeeded in convincing several major platforms to adopt responsible AI policies and engage in public dialogue about AI safety.

How Will Opponents to This Campaign Try to Stop It

Opponents, such as those who prioritize profit over ethical considerations, may attempt to discredit Ava’s Allies by dismissing our concerns as naive or fearmongering. They may also leverage their influence to undermine our credibility and impact.

How Should Activists Respond to Opponent’s Attempts to Stop It

Activists should remain focused on the mission and continue to engage in open, honest discussions about AI safety. They should also emphasize the importance of cooperation in addressing global challenges associated with AI development, rather than succumbing to divisive tactics.

What Are the Steps Necessary to Launch the Campaign

  1. Establish a core group of young activists passionate about AI safety.

    • Suggest: Reach out to local youth groups, universities, and online communities.
  2. Create a campaign website and social media presence.

    • Suggest: Utilize free website building platforms and create engaging content for social media.
  3. Develop a series of creative protests and online campaigns.

    • Suggest: Organize brainstorming sessions to generate innovative ideas for protests and social media challenges.
  4. Form alliances with experts and like-minded organizations.

    • Suggest: Connect with AI safety researchers, academics, and existing advocacy groups.
  5. Promote the campaign through targeted social media posts and press releases.

    • Suggest: Utilize influencer partnerships and tailored messaging to reach the intended audience.
  6. Execute the campaign, monitor its impact, and adapt as necessary.

    • Suggest: Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and adjust strategies accordingly.

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