Campaign for AI Governance Awakening

Pushing for Realignment of Governance Systems to Address AI threats

Updated July 6, 2023

Greetings to the 10,000 visionaries, vanguards and virtuosos around the globe,

A transformation in protest modalities is imminent, providing hope for the coming generations. The essence of this innovative approach, a hybrid of the town hall meetings of the American Revolution with the educational campaigns of 19th century suffragettes, resonates in this declaration:

“Protest movements used to come like a thunderstorm, a roaring, forceful approach, with a clear leader in the spotlight. But the modern protest is like the mist - decentralized, elusive, permeating everything silently. We are the mist, affecting change subtly but surely.” — Clara Harrison, Oxford University, UK

The elegance of this innovation lies in its accessible simplicity: gather in both physical and digital assemblies, hold inclusive discussions, and pinpoint our unifying demand. A demand that, if realized, would catalyze our journey towards alternative governance systems apt for the AI evolution. Now is the time to stake our claim and echo our demand.

We are at a point in history where our attention must turn to the rising powerholders in society: the AI conglomerates, the new Titans of our era.

On July 14th, we call on 10,000 individuals to envelop the digital spaces, set up online forums, initiate discussions, and engage media outlets for exactly one week. In this time, we must boldly and consistently voice out a singular demand in a chorus of unwavering voices.

The Suffragette movement brought about change largely through constant, resolute echoing of their demand – “Votes for Women” – until it became a reality. Following this model, what shall our uncomplicated, powerful demand be?

The most stirring proposal we’ve entertained is one that strikes at the heart of why contemporary governance systems are inadequate for a world with enhanced AI: we demand a global commitment towards the development and implementation of AI governance systems. The era for AI GOVERNANCE, NOT AI DOMINANCE has dawned.

This sentiment encapsulates the global mood, as the quest for AI regulation is something all citizens, left and right, can rally behind. If we stay resolute, 10,000-strong, day after day, digitally pressuring media outlets, it would be impossible for global leadership to neglect our calls. They would be obliged to choose between the demands of people and the advancement of unregulated AI technologies.

This could ignite a new socioeconomic dynamic worldwide, where we the people, begin shifting the tide. Starting from one clear demand - a universal resolve towards AI governance - we start shaping the agenda for a new global order.

Engage in the discussion, let’s collaborate to clarify what our one demand shall be. Then let’s gear up, engage our digital presence and infiltrate the digital spaces with a relentless determination from July 14.

For a future ruled by wisdom, not silicon, Change Catalysts HQ

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