Flash Mob for Awareness: Curb GPT’s Uncontrolled Rise

Harnessing the power of flash mobs to demand responsible GPT development from tech corporations.

Updated July 6, 2023

Greetings, digital revolutionaries,

Our era is dominated by an artificial intelligence breakthrough, GPT, that is reshaping our world in ways we are yet to fully comprehend. However, as the power of this behemoth grows, it’s crucial that we strive for the responsible application and development of these systems.

We are calling on all citizens who value the equipoise of technology in our society to mark a stand against uncontrolled GPT development. And how do we plan to do this? Through the dynamic, impactful tactic of FLASH MOBS!

Why flash mobs? Because these spontaneous, energetic gatherings are the perfect mirror of our digital age. By focusing our collective energy in coordinated, humorous, and visually stunning public displays, we can command attention, stir conversation, and demand that tech companies consider the implications of unrestrained GPT development.

Our flash mobs won’t simply be entertaining — they will convey a strong message. Imagine hundreds of people frozen in a busy city center, their mouths taped, demonstrating the perils of a future where AI technology can silence human abilities in unprecedented ways. Or, perhaps, a choreographed dance of humans and robots, symbolizing the uneasy co-existence we currently endure.

Each stunt will be meticulously planned, detailed locations will be shared via secure channels, and safety will be paramount. The aim is to make headlines, infiltrate social feeds, and provoke thought — within a budget of $1,000 to $5,000.

Even amidst the roar of an AI-augmented world, we can make human voices heard. We demand a world where technology is our tool, not our master. Where advancements in AI mirror our true human aspirations and work to augment, not override, human potentiality.

The countdown to our first flash mob begins now. TC[245] marks the start of a slow revolution, an uprising against the unchecked advances in AI that could rapidly reshape our world.

Stand with us. Dance with us. Change the world with us.

Raise up, digital revolutionaries. The future is ours to shape. Our 245-day journey begins here. Let’s reclaim the narrative on AI and steer our world towards a viable, harmonious future.

In solidarity,

Micah White, PhD

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