Operation AI Sentinels: Unmasking Uncontrolled GPT Development

An unconventional and collective performance campaign centered on tech vigilantism and stirring advocacy on AI regulation reforms

Updated July 6, 2023

Greetings to the visionaries, the pioneers, and those courageous enough to question our future!

We stand at a crucial juncture in human history where artificial intelligence (AI) evolution is accelerating at an alarming rate. In particular, the unchecked advancement of Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPTs) is steering humanity towards uncharted territories, teetering on the precipice of ethical and existential outrage.

These AI behemoths, though promising advancements are shaping our lives in ways beyond our control, marginalizing human involvement and discretion. Transparency is hazy, legislation and policies lag behind, and the general public is largely uninformed of the potential consequences.

Thus, we call upon you, fellow keepers of the human spirit, to take part in “Operation AI Sentinels” in the next 190 days, an audacious, performance-oriented protest campaign aimed at the general public, to advocate for legislative and policy reforms regarding GPT and AI development.

To our surprise, this is not a conventional picket-line protest. Instead, we are igniting the spirit of tech vigilantism. We are calling for a series of tech performance-protests: Code Poetry Slams, Hackathons, Virtual Reality protests, public coding sessions, and more. All within our allotted budget of $1,000 and $5,000, we aim to blend technology, creativity, and activism.

We implore you to paint the digital canvas, perform in coding booths in public squares, rally around data centers, and narrate our AI-dominated tales in e-sport arenas. We ask you to share, to enlighten, and to stir discussions about AI influence, creating an extensive ripple effect of awareness.

Our aspiration is to jolt the policymakers into action, to educate the typically impassive general public, and to ensure that we are not replaced, but are complemented, by these AI breakthroughs.

Together, under the banner of ‘Operation AI Sentinels’, we shall ensure no innovation goes unscrutinized, no policy unrevised, and no machine stands uncontrolled.

This protest campaign is more than an appeal; it is a movement of the people, by the people, for the future of the people.

Join us in marking this historical turning point; let’s shape the AI frontier before it shapes us.

For the sake of our human future, Micah White, PhD

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