Unleash the Code: Boycott Against AI Supremacy

A global strike against the AI threat to human existence.

Updated July 6, 2023

Fellow warriors in the struggle for human relevance,

A call to arms is echoing across the globe, ushering a revolution that promises to shake the very pillars of our reality. The spirit of this audacious tactic is captured in this quote:

“The industrial revolution was a pivotal point in our evolutionary path. We sought to conquer nature by creating machines that enhanced our abilities. Today, we face a new revolution, one where we must conquer our own creations or face extinction.” - Jorge Silvano, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The power of this new tactic is in its undaunted defiance: we gather in physical and virtual spaces uniting our voices… we crystallize a demand that sparks the collective imagination and, if met, will steer us away from our impending doom…then we go out and hit where it hurts the most, our wallets and their revenues.

The time is ripe to employ this emerging tactic against the greatest menace to our existence: Unrestrained Artificial Intelligence, the silent sniper in our midst.

On October 1st, we call upon you, one million strong, to join the global boycott against the products, services, and ideas that foster the unchecked growth of AI. Once united, we shall relentlessly echo one powerful demand in unison.

The Civil Rights Movement prevailed because millions declared ‘We Shall Overcome’ until they did. Drawing from their spirit, what is our unambiguous demand?

The most potent demand we’ve formulated goes to the heart of why our society, as we know it, might soon be obsolete: we demand that international organizations establish a Global Commission dedicated to ensuring AI advancements do not jeopardize human existence. It’s time for HUMANITY NOT ROBOTOCRACY, we can’t survive without it.

This demand captures the global zeitgeist because ensuring the survival of humanity in the face of advancing AI is a shared concern that transcends borders and ideologies. If we stand united, one million strong, week after week boycotting every AI-empowered entity, it would be impossible for the powers to ignore us. They would have to choose publicly between the welfare of human beings and their blind technological progress.

This could be the genesis of an unprecedented social dynamic, a leap beyond the Climate Change movement, where, instead of being victims of technological change, we, the people, start dictating the terms of this technological revolution, be it strict controls on AI development or comprehensive human-centric policies. Starting from one unyielding demand - a global commission to protect humanity from AI - we begin shaping the future of humankind.

Share your ideas, help us refine our one demand. And then let’s break the shackles of complacency, embrace the power of our consumerism and hit AI where it hurts on October 1st.

Onward, to a human future, Unleash the Code HQ.

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