Connecting Consciousness: AI Existential Risk and the Youth Revolution

A youth-led movement targeting social media companies to promote alternative governance systems mitigating AI existential risk.

Updated June 29, 2023

Campaign Idea

Connecting Consciousness: AI Existential Risk and the Youth Revolution

Campaign Description

Connecting Consciousness is a youth-led protest campaign aimed at raising awareness of AI existential risk, specifically targeting social media companies. The campaign calls on these influential platforms to support transitions to alternative governance systems that prioritize human well-being and environmental sustainability while mitigating the risks of unchecked AI development. Leveraging a budget of over $5,000, our 61-day strategy combines online activism, street protests, and artistic performances to challenge corporate dominance and inspire a revolution in how we perceive AI’s role in society.

Theory for Why This Campaign Will Create Change

Drawing on the tenets of Anarcho-Communism, we believe that through decentralization, mutual aid, and direct action, this campaign will unite like-minded individuals and empower them to confront the AI existential risk head-on. By mobilizing the youth and targeting social media companies, who have a vested interest in AI development and immense influence over public discourse, the Connecting Consciousness movement will spark a societal shift and usher in new governance systems centered around community well-being and ecological balance.

Sample Viral Social Media Post from the Campaign

🌍🤖 Attention all young minds! The time has come to join the #ConnectingConsciousness movement and demand a future where AI serves humanity, not the other way around. Let’s stand together and call on social media giants to support alternative governance systems that prioritize our well-being and the environment. ✊🌱 #YouthRevolution #AIExistentialRisk #AnarchoCommunism

Sample Press Release Announcing Campaign to Media


Connecting Consciousness: Youth-Led Movement Targets Social Media Companies to Combat AI Existential Risk

DATELINE - Today, the Connecting Consciousness campaign announces its launch, aiming to raise awareness of AI existential risk and challenge social media companies to support alternative governance systems. This youth-led movement, guided by Anarcho-Communist ideologies, seeks to catalyze a societal shift towards decentralization, mutual aid, and direct action.

Connecting Consciousness will use online activism, street protests, and artistic performances to demand that social media companies address the potential threats of unchecked AI development on humanity and the environment. The campaign calls on these influential platforms to prioritize human well-being and ecological sustainability in their future AI policies.

For more information about the Connecting Consciousness campaign or to arrange interviews with campaign organizers, please contact the campaign’s media team.

Story Written in the First Person Perspective

When I first learned about the existential risks posed by AI, I knew something had to be done. Our generation has grown up in a world where social media companies hold immense power, shaping our thoughts and beliefs with every scroll and swipe. But we have the power to dream of a better future, one where AI serves humanity and our planet.

To spark change, I created Connecting Consciousness, bringing together young minds from all walks of life. Over the course of two months, the movement gained amazing momentum. We flooded social media networks with our message, demanding that those who wield power over the information superhighway take responsibility for AI’s potential consequences.

Our street protests and performances captured the hearts and minds of onlookers, spreading our message far and wide. And, in the end, our persistence paid off – social media companies began pledging their commitment to sustainable AI development and support for alternative governance systems.

It was a testament to the power of youth, united under a common goal: a safer, more equitable world where AI serves us all.

How Will Opponents to This Campaign Try to Stop It

Opponents, including those with vested interests in unchecked AI development, may engage in smear campaigns, misinformation, and attempts to discredit the Connecting Consciousness movement. They may also use their influence to stifle media coverage or dismiss the campaign’s concerns as alarmist or naive.

How Should Activists Respond to Opponent’s Attempts to Stop It

Activists should remain focused on spreading the campaign’s core message while fostering an environment of open dialogue and debate. They should also consistently counter misinformation with well-researched facts and challenge attempts at discrediting the campaign by highlighting its successes, goals, and the genuine concerns it addresses.

What Are the Steps Necessary to Launch the Campaign

  1. Develop an engaging online presence, including a campaign website and social media accounts. (Suggestion: Use open-source platforms and seek design assistance from like-minded creatives.)
  2. Network with other youth groups and organizations to grow the movement’s ranks, ensuring a diverse and inclusive community. (Suggestion: Establish partnerships and share resources for mutual benefit.)
  3. Organize local street protests and artistic performances to convey the campaign’s message in a visual and compelling manner. (Suggestion: Coordinate with local artists and performers for captivating and memorable events.)
  4. Launch a targeted social media campaign, using hashtags and shareable content to spread the message far and wide. (Suggestion: Create content that encourages users to participate and engage with the campaign actively.)
  5. Reach out to media outlets to garner coverage and bring attention to the movement’s goals. (Suggestion: Craft compelling narratives and pitches to capture journalists' interest and secure media coverage.)

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