Flash Mob for AI Resilience

Raise awareness on AI-driven existential threats through a series of coordinated flash mobs targeting environmental agencies

Updated June 29, 2023

**## Campaign Idea ** Flash Mob for AI Resilience (FMAIR) is a creative campaign that uses coordinated flash mobs to raise public awareness around the potential existential threats posed by artificial intelligence. These flash mobs will target environmental agency offices, conferences, and events, promoting a dialogue on AI threats and the need for a common-sense approach to manage them.

**## Campaign Description ** FMAIR combines performance art, education, and activism, where groups of volunteers gather at predetermined locations and times to perform a synchronized dance routine. The choreography will illustrate the potential risks and impacts of AI-driven existential threats while conveying a message of hope and resilience. Participants will wear AI-inspired costumes and distribute educational materials to the audience, encouraging them to learn more about the topic and take action in their communities.

**## Theory for Why This Campaign Will Create Change ** The FMAIR campaign will create change by leveraging the power of public engagement and the element of surprise inherent in flash mobs. These grassroots efforts will elicit curiosity, spark conversations, and generate widespread media coverage, increasing public awareness of AI-driven existential threats. As a result, environmental agencies and policymakers will be more likely to prioritize these issues, and the public will be motivated to support and advocate for responsible AI development and governance.

**## Sample Viral Social Media Post from the Campaign ** “🤖🕺Dancing in the face of AI-driven existential threats! Join our #FlashMobForAIResilience and help us raise awareness about the need for responsible AI development! 💪🌍#AIResilience #FutureProofOurWorld”

**## Sample Press Release Announcing Campaign to Media **

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Title: Flash Mob Campaign Raises Awareness on Artificial Intelligence and Existential Threats Date: Month Day, Year

The Flash Mob for AI Resilience is a series of synchronized dance performances taking place at various environmental agency offices and events, aimed at raising awareness about the potential existential threats posed by artificial intelligence. This innovative, center-right campaign combines entertainment, education, and activism to engage the public and spark conversation on responsible AI development and governance.

The flash mobs will feature synchronized dance routines, performed by volunteers in AI-inspired costumes, illustrating the risks and impacts of AI-driven threats while promoting hope and resilience. Educational materials will be distributed to the audience, encouraging them to learn more about the topic and take action in their communities.

The campaign aims to generate widespread media coverage and social media engagement, raising public awareness and encouraging environmental agencies and policymakers to prioritize responsible AI development, management, and governance.

For more information, please visit the Flash Mob for AI Resilience official website (URL) and follow the campaign on social media using the hashtags #FlashMobForAIResilience and #AIResilience.

**## Story Written in the First Person Perspective **

As an activist and AI enthusiast, I became increasingly concerned about the potential existential threats posed by artificial intelligence. It struck me that the public and policymakers needed to be more aware of these risks to prevent a bleak future.

I decided to create the Flash Mob for AI Resilience campaign, tapping into the power of public engagement and the element of surprise. I gathered a group of like-minded volunteers and organized the very first flash mob, taking place outside a major environmental agency conference.

As the music started, our dancers moved in perfect unison, drawing a curious crowd of onlookers. Soon, the media caught on, and our campaign went viral on social media. The public started to embrace the importance of AI resilience, and environmental agencies began to prioritize responsible AI development.

Today, our campaign is a global movement, with flash mobs appearing in cities worldwide. Together, we are driving meaningful change and ensuring a safer future for all.

**## How Will Opponents to This Campaign Try to Stop It ** Opponents to the FMAIR campaign may attempt to discredit the initiative by downplaying the potential AI-driven existential threats as speculative or exaggerated. They may also challenge the campaign’s efficacy, claiming that flash mobs are a trivial approach to a serious issue.

**## How Should Activists Respond to Opponent’s Attempts to Stop It ** Activists should counter any attempts to undermine the FMAIR campaign by providing well-researched evidence and emphasizing the importance of raising public awareness on AI threats. They can also highlight the campaign’s impact and how the flash mobs serve as an engaging and innovative way to disseminate critical information.

**## What Are the Steps Necessary to Launch the Campaign **

  1. Form a core team of committed volunteers.
    • Seek out individuals with diverse skills: choreography, costume design, marketing, public relations, and social media management.
  2. Develop the flash mob concept, choreography, and a compelling narrative around AI-driven existential threats.
    • Ensure the message is clear, educational, and resonates with the target audience.
  3. Identify target locations and events associated with environmental agencies.
    • Scout and select locations that will have maximum impact and visibility.
  4. Allocate resources and budget.
    • Plan for costume materials, marketing materials, and travel expenses.
  5. Recruit and train flash mob participants.
    • Host rehearsals to ensure participants are confident and synchronized in their performance.
  6. Develop a marketing and public relations strategy.
    • Create a website, social media channels, and a press kit to promote the campaign.
  7. Launch the FMAIR campaign.
    • Execute the first flash mob and continue to organize events, leveraging media coverage and social media to amplify the message.
  8. Monitor, evaluate, and adapt.
    • Track the campaign’s impact, respond to feedback, and adapt as needed to maximize success.

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