Safeguarding Humanity: Acting Against AI Threats

A grassroots legal campaign to address AI existential risks through local government action.

Updated June 29, 2023

## Campaign Idea

Safeguarding Humanity: Acting Against AI Threats

## Campaign Description

Safeguarding Humanity is a campaign centered on mitigating the existential risks posed by artificial intelligence. Using legal action, such as lawsuits and petitions, we aim to persuade local governments to adopt policies that support transitions to alternative governance systems that prioritize human safety in the development and deployment of AI technologies.

## Theory for Why This Campaign Will Create Change

By targeting local governments and encouraging citizen-led legal actions, we can create a domino effect of local policy changes that can eventually lead to broader regional, national, and international policy change. This grassroots approach aligns with the conservative values of decentralized governance and emphasizes the importance of local communities in addressing global challenges.

## Sample Viral Social Media Post from the Campaign

“🤖 AI existential threats are real. It’s time to take action at the local level! Support our campaign to address AI-driven challenges through innovative policy changes. Help us protect humanity by reshaping our governance systems! 🌍 #SafeguardingHumanity #AIFuture”

## Sample Press Release Announcing Campaign to Media


New Campaign Tackles AI Existential Threats Through Local Government Action

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Safeguarding Humanity, a grassroots legal campaign aimed at addressing AI-driven existential threats by influencing local government policies. By utilizing legal actions such as lawsuits and petitions, our goal is to encourage local governments to adopt alternative governance systems that prioritize human safety in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence technologies.

In the face of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, it’s critical that we develop policies to mitigate potential risks. Our campaign aligns with conservative values by emphasizing the importance of decentralized governance and empowering local communities to take charge in addressing global challenges.

We encourage individuals and organizations to join us in this important effort to safeguard the future of humanity from potential AI-driven existential threats.

## Story Written in the First Person Perspective

(Use vivid imagery and details to make the story as compelling as possible.)

I still remember the day I first heard about the potential existential risks posed by artificial intelligence. As a concerned citizen and a conservative believer in decentralized governance, I knew that we had to take action at the local level to address these risks. That’s when I decided to create Safeguarding Humanity.

We started small, with a few volunteers working tirelessly to raise awareness about AI risks and the importance of local government action. We drafted petitions, filed lawsuits, and spoke at city council meetings, advocating for policies that would prioritize human safety in the development and deployment of AI technologies.

Over time, our efforts began to gain traction. More and more local governments started adopting our proposed policies and transitioning to alternative governance systems. With each success, the momentum grew, eventually leading other local governments to follow suit.

Looking back, I am proud of the role our campaign played in making a difference in the global struggle to address AI-driven existential threats. By taking action at the local level, we managed to create a domino effect that ultimately led to broader policy changes and a safer future for humanity.

## How Will Opponents to This Campaign Try to Stop It

Opponents to the Safeguarding Humanity campaign may argue that local governments should not be responsible for addressing AI existential threats or that the proposed alternative governance systems are too radical or costly. They might also claim that AI risks are overblown or that the focus should remain on national and international regulations.

## How Should Activists Respond to Opponent’s Attempts to Stop It

Activists should respond to opponents by emphasizing that local governance is crucial for mitigating global challenges and that conservative values support decentralized decision-making. They should also stress the importance of proactive policy changes to address AI risks and point to successes in other local governments as evidence that the proposed alternative governance systems are both achievable and effective.

## What Are the Steps Necessary to Launch the Campaign

  1. Research local government policy-making processes and identify key actors to target with legal actions.
    • Suggestion: Compile a list of city council members or local politicians who can champion the cause.
  2. Develop a clear set of policy proposals focused on alternative governance systems that prioritize human safety in the context of AI technologies.
    • Suggestion: Consult with experts in AI ethics and policy to ensure the proposals are comprehensive and effective.
  3. Recruit volunteers and build a network of supporters who can help spread the word about the campaign, file lawsuits or petitions, and attend local government meetings.
    • Suggestion: Leverage social media platforms and local community events to recruit supporters.
  4. Develop a campaign website and create informational materials, such as brochures and infographics that explain the campaign’s goals and proposed policy changes.
    • Suggestion: Use simple language and visuals to clearly communicate complex AI-related concepts.
  5. Engage with local media outlets and promote the campaign through press releases, op-eds, and interviews.
    • Suggestion: Have a designated spokesperson and a media kit ready to facilitate outreach efforts.
  6. Track the campaign’s progress, celebrate successes, and adapt strategies as needed to secure policy changes in more local governments.
    • Suggestion: Regularly update supporters on the campaign’s progress and share stories of success to keep the momentum going.

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