AIwers: The People’s Fight for Ethical AI

A public rally campaign to demand ethical AI policies and institutional transformations

Updated June 29, 2023

Campaign Idea

“AIwers: The People’s Fight for Ethical AI” is a large-scale, public rally campaign that educates the general public on the potential consequences of artificial intelligence on humanity and encourages them to demand institutional and structural changes to ensure ethical AI development and implementation.

Campaign Description

This campaign will consist of a series of public rallies in major cities worldwide, featuring speakers and experts in AI, ethics and technology, and affected communities. It will provide educational material and resources for people to understand the urgency of AI’s impact on humanity and the need for preventative measures. The campaign will also promote a petition and social media movement under the hashtag #AIwers, urging governments and corporations to commit to ethical AI practices.

Theory for Why This Campaign Will Create Change

By engaging the general public and raising awareness of the potential consequences of AI on humanity, a collective voice will grow louder and demand change from those responsible for AI development and regulation. The broad reach of this campaign will also garner media coverage, amplifying its impact and pressure on institutions.

Sample Viral Social Media Post from the Campaign

“🤖❌ We stand together to ensure the future of humanity is not dictated by unchecked AI. Join the #AIwers movement and demand ethical AI policies now! 💪🌍 #PeopleOverProfit #EthicalAI”

Sample Press Release Announcing Campaign to Media


AIwers: The People’s Fight for Ethical AI - A Global Rally Campaign Demanding Ethical AI Policies and Institutional Transformations

(City, Date) - A series of international public rallies, dubbed “AIwers: The People’s Fight for Ethical AI,” will be held in major cities around the world to raise awareness of the potential consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) on humanity and to demand institutional and structural changes aimed at preventing its negative impacts. Organized by a coalition of AI, ethics, and technology experts, the rallies will feature keynote speakers, educational material, and resources for attendees.

The campaign aims to foster a global conversation around the ethical development and implementation of AI, urging governments and corporations to commit to policies that protect human rights, ensure transparency, and promote public accountability. Participants are encouraged to sign a petition supporting these demands and to engage on social media using the hashtag #AIwers.

AIwers invites media outlets and journalists to cover the rallies and to contribute to generating awareness of this pressing issue among the general public.

For more information and a schedule of rally locations, please visit [Campaign’s Social Media Page].

Story Written in the First Person Perspective

It all started with a small group of concerned individuals who saw the rapid advancements in AI and understood the potential impact on humanity. We decided to take matters into our own hands, launching the AIwers campaign to bring people together and demand change.

Our rallies quickly grew in size, and we saw the power of collective action at work. From local activists to global influencers, people from all walks of life came together for our common goal: ethical AI practices. With each rally, our message grew louder and clearer, reaching both the media and the institutions responsible for AI development.

As our campaign gained momentum and media coverage, we saw governments and corporations start to take notice. Policies began to change, with new guidelines that prioritized human rights and transparency in AI development. The AIwers campaign played a crucial role in shaping the future of AI, ensuring that humanity would not be left behind.

How Will Opponents to This Campaign Try to Stop It

Opponents may attempt to discredit the movement by claiming the campaign is based on fear-mongering, exaggerating the consequences of AI, or undermining AI’s potential benefits. They might also downplay the need for immediate action or focus on the economic advantages of unregulated AI development and implementation.

How Should Activists Respond to Opponent’s Attempts to Stop It

Activists should counter opponents by presenting well-researched, credible evidence of AI’s potential consequences and promoting the importance of ethical AI practices. They should emphasize the need for urgent action and highlight inspiring examples of successful ethical AI implementation. Encouraging open dialogue and debate on the topic will help to build credibility and demonstrate the campaign’s commitment to a fair and balanced discussion.

What Are the Steps Necessary to Launch the Campaign

  1. Form a core organizing team with experts and activists from various backgrounds and disciplines.
  • Suggestion: Hold regular meetings to discuss campaign strategy and logistics.
  1. Secure funding and resources for the campaign, staying within the budget.
  • Suggestion: Seek in-kind donations and sponsorships to offset costs.
  1. Plan a series of rallies in major cities worldwide.
  • Suggestion: Coordinate with local activist groups to increase participation and share organizing responsibilities.
  1. Develop engaging and educational materials for the campaign, both for online and physical distribution.
  • Suggestion: Collaborate with graphic designers and content creators to produce eye-catching and informative content.
  1. Create a social media presence for the campaign using the hashtag #AIwers.
  • Suggestion: Assign dedicated social media managers to regularly post content and engage with followers.
  1. Launch a website and petition to support the campaign’s goals.
  • Suggestion: Promote the website and petition at rallies and through social media channels.
  1. Outreach to media outlets and journalists to cover the rallies and campaign.
  • Suggestion: Create a press kit with information about the campaign, its goals, and key spokespersons.

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