AIxit: Boycott for Humanity’s Salvation

A boycott campaign targeting social media companies to demand transformative change in AI development

Updated June 29, 2023

Campaign Idea

“AIxit” - A boycott of major social media platforms to demand rigorous ethical policies and practices in AI development, preventing the potential end of humanity.

Campaign Description

AIxit is a boycott campaign that targets social media companies, urging them to adopt ethical AI policies and practices to avert catastrophic consequences for humanity. We encourage users to stop using the platforms for a period of 231 days and to spread awareness on the dangers of unregulated AI development. We will launch a dedicated website and create viral content to educate the public on the risks associated with AI and the need for transformative change in the industry. Our approach is guided by libertarian principles, believing that individuals and businesses have the responsibility to safeguard humanity’s future.

Theory for Why This Campaign Will Create Change

The campaign will create change by applying financial pressure on social media companies, which are heavily reliant on users' engagement for ad revenue. The boycott will force them to address the ethical aspects of AI development and implement necessary changes.

Sample Viral Social Media Post from the Campaign

“Are you ready to take a stand for humanity’s future? 🚫 Join #AIxit today and let’s demand ethical #AI policies from social media companies! Let’s change the course of history. Boycott. Act. Save humanity. 🌏🤖 #AIxit231 #BoycottForHumanity”

Sample Press Release Announcing Campaign to Media


AIxit: A Future-Defining Boycott Targeting Social Media Companies to Ensure Ethical AI Development

[City, Date] - AIxit, a grassroots campaign led by concerned citizens and backed by libertarian activists, announces the launch of an unprecedented boycott against major social media platforms. The AIxit campaign seeks to raise awareness about the existential risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and demands social media companies to adopt rigorous ethical policies and practices in AI development to prevent the potential end of humanity.

The campaign urges users to boycott social media platforms for 231 days, commencing on [Start Date], to send a powerful message to these companies, which thrive on users' engagement for advertising revenue. By hitting their primary source of income, AIxit aims to force social media companies to take immediate action and implement transformative change in AI research and development.

About AIxit: AIxit is an innovative boycott campaign, driven by libertarian values, targeting social media companies to raise awareness among the public about the threats posed by unregulated AI development. AIxit demands social media companies adopt ethical AI policies to ensure the safety and survival of humanity in the face of rapid technological advancement.

For more information, please visit our website []

Story Written in the First Person Perspective

It all started when I came across an article discussing the potential dangers of AI and its implications for humanity’s future. As a firm believer in libertarian principles, I knew that we had to take immediate action to ensure that businesses such as social media companies act responsibly.

We built a dedicated team and launched the AIxit campaign. Over time, we gained traction, successfully encouraging millions of users to quit social media platforms for the specified 231 days. The boycott placed immense financial pressure on the targeted companies, forcing them to implement transformative changes in their AI development policies.

Together, we made history by safeguarding humanity’s future and ensuring that AI serves as a force for good.

How Will Opponents to This Campaign Try to Stop It

  1. Undermining the message through disinformation campaigns
  2. Lobbying against regulation and downplaying the risks of AI
  3. Presenting alternative narratives about the benefits of AI development

How Should Activists Respond to Opponent’s Attempts to Stop It

  1. Counter disinformation with facts and evidence-backed research.
  2. Engage in open dialogues with opponents to communicate the importance of ethical AI development.
  3. Leverage public support and media attention to highlight the campaign’s objectives.

What Are the Steps Necessary to Launch the Campaign

  1. Assemble a team of dedicated and passionate activists.
  2. Develop educational material to inform the public about the risks of AI development.
  3. Establish an online presence through a website and social media profiles.
  4. Create shareable viral content to spread awareness and encourage participation.
  5. Organize events and discussions to engage the community and garner support.
  6. Collaborate with like-minded organizations to strengthen the campaign’s reach and impact.
  7. Monitor progress and adapt the strategy as necessary to ensure the campaign’s success.

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