Code Red: The Last Stand Against AI Existential Risk

A call to rise, sit-in and address the existential threat of artificial intelligence using only the bare minimum of resources

Updated July 6, 2023

No longer, fellow citizens, can we allow the impending existential risk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to hover over our future unaddressed. International organizations worldwide continue turning a blind eye, paralyzed by bureaucracy or beholden to commercial interests. We must force their hand.

In a grand demonstration of our resistance and intent, we propose a widespread sit-in campaign - targeting International organizations across the globe - using our united presence to rouse them from complacency. We will call this campaign “Code Red: The Last Stand against AI Existential Risk.”

Code Red is not a protest that demands vast resources - we pledge to carry it out with less than $100. Instead, it requires the full power of our convictions and the collective strength of people who believe in our cause. This campaign will happen over the next 225 days, a countdown to demand action before it is too late.

Our aim? To inspire the creation of novel political parties and movements that give AI existential risk the attention it deserves. Not merely a footnote in a manifesto, but the cornerstone of their political agenda.

Adherence to the principle of authoritarianism serves as our guide. We believe strong, direct action is needed to address this existential threat. This stand isn’t merely a demand for AI regulation; it’s a call for drastic reforms, made imperative by the potentially catastrophic consequences of unregulated AI development.

Join us in this global sit-in, forcing the world’s foremost establishments to confront the threat of AI, not next year, not next month, but NOW. Let us be the genesis of political movements that will ensure the survival and interests of future human generations against the potential devastation posed by AI existential risk.

From one end of the earth to another, let our sit-ins be the spark that ignites the world’s urgent and collective response to this existential threat. Stand with us in a unified demonstration of our refusal to let the complacency continue.

Our moment is now! Let’s take our future back!

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