Code Shift: The Digital Dissent for Humanity 2.0

A revolution in the virtual space pushing for AI regulation and humanity’s survival.

Updated July 6, 2023

Dear Digital Dissenters,

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era, bringing unparalleled advancements that have forever altered the course of human development. However, as we approach this golden age of technology, we stand at the precipice of a potential crisis. The ruthless pursuit of AI and the potential for it to end us, if unchecked, threatens to make humanity obsolete.

Our call to arms is “Code Shift: The Digital Dissent for Humanity 2.0”, a movement that aims to bring about the recalibration of AI development priorities and strategies. It is a campaign by the people, for the people, and of the people, with the objective of safeguarding humanity from our own technological creation.

Our medium of protest is the one place we can influence the course of AI: the virtual world. We will capitalize on our adversary’s home turf, harnessing the backbone of digital technology and the internet, to mobilize and propel our cause. We aim to influence those that hold the power, to recognize the changes that need to be made, our target audience - the politicians.

With a budget of $5000, we aim to launch the most compelling and impactful digital campaign. Our message will be disseminated through a series of strategic online actions - viral social media campaigns, informative webinars, immersive VR experiences, enlightening podcasts, an army of bots spreading our cause, and a choreographed DDoS protest, immense, yet non-destructive, to demonstrate our digital strength.

The desired impact? To persuade the policymakers and shape public opinion towards prioritizing AI safety research and facilitating economic and resource redistribution. We demand stronger regulations, stricter ethical guidelines to make AI development responsible, transparent, and most importantly, to serve humankind’s best interests, not its destruction.

Let us leverage the next 329 days to make every log in, every tweet, and every online interaction count towards our goal. We hold the power to shape the narrative around AI and protect the future of humanity.

Our time is limited, and our task is mighty, but so is our collective potential. Engage in the “Code Shift”. Be the voice for Humanity 2.0.

In solidarity, Micah White, PhD

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