Wake Up, Rise Up: Counter the AI Threat Now!

An urgent call for Guerrilla-style resistance against the unchecked advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

Updated July 6, 2023

Wake Up, Rise Up: Counter the AI Threat Now!

My fellow patriots, the time has come to sound the alarm and rise against the accelerating threat of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are embarking on a guerrilla protest, not in the shadows, but in the broad light of day, to awaken our politicians to a crisis at hand.

In the next 58 days, we aim to shake the complacent, to rattle the ignorant, and educate those blinded by the false luster of advanced technology. Every day, powerful AI developments forge ahead, building a trajectory that threatens to eradicate human jobs, hijack basic privacy, and even autonomously wage war.

Our politicians need to wake up! They must realize that unchecked AI proliferation is not an arms race we should sprint to win but a cliff edge we teeter on, where the prize is a terrifying plunge into an abyss of no return.

We need to adopt tactics that inspire, empower, and force change. Guerrilla-style resistance - flash mobs, unexpected banner drops at political conventions, viral social media challenges, and thought-provoking public art installations; these are the weapons we bear against AI’s unchecked proliferation. For the sake of humanity, let’s use these tools not for destruction but for enlightenment and change.

We call upon our patriots, who have been waiting for this moment, to donate to our cause. Our budget, reserved strictly for creating impactful, unexpected, and far-reaching actions, is between $1,000 and $5,000. With this fund, we will ensure that our message is seen, heard, and cannot be ignored.

Every step of our journey will adhere to the principles of accountability, transparency, and uncompromising passion for the cause. Rest assured, every penny will be used wisely and audited publicly.

AI’s unchecked reign poses a conundrum that may render a dystopian future. One of dominance by machines, without human narratives, unique intuitive reckoning, and the indomitable human spirit that values freedom above everything. We need to ensure we’re leading the path of AI development, not surrendering our future to it.

We must disrupt the frothy tech-driven narrative with a humbling jolt of reality. We must convince our lawmakers to enact legislation that ensures AI serves humanity and not the other way around.

In this era of digital tyranny, we cannot afford complacency. If we fail to act now, we risk waking up in a world where the nature of human existence has irrevocably changed because of unchecked AI advancements. Let our shared passion become the catalyst for the much-needed change.

Heed the call, take action, bear the torch of this cause, and together let’s guide our world away from an impending AI catastrophe towards a future that respects the irreplaceable value of human intellect, intuition, and interaction.

Wake Up, Rise Up: Counter the AI Threat Now! Patriots, the time to act is now.

For the spirit of human existence, Micah White, PhD

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