Wake Up to A.I: A Sit-In for a Conscious Future

A transformative sit-in campaign for awakening labor unions to the potential existential threats of Artificial Intelligence.

Updated July 6, 2023

Greetings comrades of labor,

We are on the precipice of a future where our collective human destiny is being woven together with artificial intelligence. The race towards the summit of technological innovation is blinding society to the potential existential threats that lie within these coded algorithms. Labor unions have been the vanguard of social revolution throughout history - and it is in your collective might that we place our faith once again.

Our campaign - “Wake Up to A.I.: A Sit-In for a Conscious Future” - is both a symbol and a call to action. We invite you to join us in a transformative 309-day long sit-in, not just to protest but to educate, discussing the implications of the looming A.I. evolutions, to commit ourselves to a conscious, humanity-centered approach to their development and deployment.

Labor unions, hold no illusion; this embrace of digital intelligence will not spare our jobs and livelihoods. We’ve already seen the mechanization phase, responsible for the disappearance of factory and manual labor jobs. Next in line could be healthcare professionals, teaching staff, even artists - replaced by lines of code. This is an issue of socio-economic survival, it shouldn’t be ignored.

We propose a judicious budget - an estimated $500 to $1,000 - allocated to garnering public support, creating educational materials, ensuring our message reverberates through various media outlets; enough to get us heard, loud and clear by those in the helm of A.I. innovations.

The sit-in, envisioned in major labor union offices worldwide, will be a spectacle of resistance but also a platform to voice concerns and formulate demands. We will venerate human qualities - creativity, empathy, the ability to form nuanced ethical judgments – making it emphatically clear that these cannot be replicated in lines of code.

Our demand is transformative change: a commitment from governments, corporations, and technologists for a time-locked moratorium on releasing new A.I. technologies until thorough examinations are conducted into their ethical, social, and existential implications. Such a standstill might slow the race, but it will not hinder our stride towards progress, but propels it towards a path of consciousness.

Join us in this sit-in - a gathering for sanity in the whirlwind of technological upheaval - and together, let’s shape our collective future with, not against, artificial intelligence.

For the people, Micah White, PhD.

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