AI for Democracy

An AI-driven campaign promoting transparency and democratic ideals to influence the 2024 United States House of Representatives elections.

AI Revolution for 2024 Elections

Demanding transformative change in the 2024 United States gubernatorial elections, driven by AI.

Campaign for AI Governance Awakening

Pushing for Realignment of Governance Systems to Address AI threats

Code Red: The Last Stand Against AI Existential Risk

A call to rise, sit-in and address the existential threat of artificial intelligence using only the bare minimum of resources

Code Shift: The Digital Dissent for Humanity 2.0

A revolution in the virtual space pushing for AI regulation and humanity’s survival.

Flash Mob for Awareness: Curb GPT’s Uncontrolled Rise

Harnessing the power of flash mobs to demand responsible GPT development from tech corporations.

Operation AI Sentinels: Unmasking Uncontrolled GPT Development

An unconventional and collective performance campaign centered on tech vigilantism and stirring advocacy on AI regulation reforms

Unleash the Code: Boycott Against AI Supremacy

A global strike against the AI threat to human existence.

Wake Up to A.I: A Sit-In for a Conscious Future

A transformative sit-in campaign for awakening labor unions to the potential existential threats of Artificial Intelligence.

Wake Up, Rise Up: Counter the AI Threat Now!

An urgent call for Guerrilla-style resistance against the unchecked advancement of Artificial Intelligence.